About The Appalachian Authors Guild

Interested in writing? Become a member of the Appalachian Authors Guild. Interested in reading? Check out the work of the members. Interested in supporting an organization dedicated to promoting the Appalachian culture and history via the written work? Become an associate member of the Appalachian Authors Guild.
Check us out – http://www.appalachianaga.com.

3 Responses to “About The Appalachian Authors Guild”

  1. Adda Leah Davis Says:

    Go to my website and see my work but also I plan to write comments on various topics once every 2 weeks. I started to do it only once each month but you’ll forget to look if I wait that long.
    I’m working really hard on the third book in this trilogy that I have been working on since 2007. The first two books are out and doing well but this third book is giving me a fit. My problem is the time line. The third book goes back and continues the story from the end of the first book but all of it has to be tied together. I’m finally doing it but the anguish and wakefulness I’ve experienced in the process is unbelievable.

  2. appalachianauthor Says:

    Just found the site. Thanks for a great effort to assist Appalachian authors and writers.

    Enjoyed recent presentations of my book at Johnson City D. A. R., Dickenson County Historical Society and Watagua Historical Association with good sales at each. Will be presenting again in July and August at Bristol Republican Ladies and St. John’s Milling in Elizabethton. St. John’s Milling will be recorded on video. Also, looking forward to another good year on the Barter Green during the Highlands Festival.

    Review my WW II book at: http://www.darrellfleming.net

  3. Adda Leah Davis Says:

    Good to see Darrell’s blog. Going Gung-ho as usual aren’t you, Darrell. I’m happy with the blog also. It should be a great benefit to Appalachian authors once the word gets out. Look forward to a good summer on Barter Green in the Highlands Festival as well. See you there.

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