Journey Through My Mind

There’s almost nothing that I can think of, to compare with  the feel of seeing your first book in print. Such is the case for Author Rodney Smith.
Journey Through My Mind is a story of Frontier life in the 19th Century as recorded by young  Benjamin, the oldest child of a Kansas prairie family,  in his  personal journal.
The journal is found years later and read by his granddaughter, Sarah.
If I had to think of one word to describe this story, it would be wholesome. “Journey” details the struggles of a Christian family in dealing with the hardships of frontier life – the bitter winters, the scorching summer heat, and the killer dust storms.
“Journey” is a story not unlike the “Little House on the Prairie” books – but this is a story which merits retelling. In this first effort by Rodney Smith, the reader is transported to pioneer times where we get a pretty accurate picture of the early days and of the people who had the grit and fortitude to make a home in the hostile environment of the American Western Frontier.
I highly recommend Journey Through My Mind, and eagerly await Rodney Smith’s next offering.

Journey Through My Mind is Available from LULU Press –

or by contacting the author via this blog or the Appalachian Authors Guild (

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