Proposed AAGA Creative Activities For The Future

This is a list of proposed future activities for AAGA, intended both to attract new members and to improve members’ writing skills and self-editing capabilities. If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of your board members

Writing Contests:

  • Listing of contests to sponsor/times held
  • Submittal formats
  • Screening Committees
  • Judging
  • Awards and Presentations

Writing Workshops:

  • Categories and Combinations (Poetry, Fiction, N/F separate or together?)
  • General Creative Writing Workshop
    • Grammar
    • Sentence/paragraph structure
    • Other creative writing aspects
    • Essay, Poem, Story, Novel structure and components
    • How-To-Critique Workshop
      • How noted writers write
      • Peer Critiques
        • How to comment in groups
        • Successes
        • Aspects to improve

Critique Groups:

  • Putting critique skills into use
  • Group dynamics
    • Size of critique groups
    • Preparation for critique meetings
    • Effective locales for AAGA members

Book Reviews:

  • What reviews are for
  • How to accomplish a review
    • Theory
    • Components

Others –Publishing in books and Magazines/Agents/Editors/Marketing/Editorial Services

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