Have you written a book?

The Appalachian Authors Guild wants to reach out to young authors – Zach Arrington, son of Guild Member Richard Arrington wrote the following to us:
“I am 8 years old, I wrote a book called My School. My daddy also wrote 7 books and I like reading them.”
Way to go, Zach.

4 Responses to “Have you written a book?”

  1. Adda Leah Davis Says:

    I haven’t had time to visit this blog for several months, but after reading the excellent entries I regret that I haven’t. I’ve just finished a new manuscript entitled “The Untangling Tale” and it has been sent to a publisher. Now, I will really go to work on my next trilogy. The main title is “The Many Shades of Green” but there are three books under this banner. The first book is “The Trials of Jamie O’Reilly.” I’ve been working “off and on” on this trilogy for about ten years and it is now clamoring to be heard.
    We are fortunate to have Jack Rose as president of the Guild since he seems to have an online presence in Facebook, on this blog, and other places. Sylvia Nickles did an excellent newsletter also.

  2. Adda Leah Davis Says:

    Way to go, Zach. Never, ever allow Daddy to outdo you when it comes to writing. Dr. Dollittle talked to the animals and you can talk for the animals in your writing if you wish. You can also talk to imaginary people or anyone else in your writing. Pull up an empty chair and sit down in another chair facing the empty chair, then think about somebody you would like to “tell- off, or somebody you liked to say something nice to, or perhaps shock somebody. Anyway, you get the idea, but don’t get carried away and not write down what you said.

  3. Adda Leah Davis Says:

    I’m learning more about this internet jargon every day. Do you suppose I’ll know what I’m doing in ten more years? I keep trying to learn something new every day but sometimes the things I learn are totally worthless; such as what a dog in India is called, or the name of a long-nosed fish. I’ll probably never be in India and I can’t eat the long-nosed fish, but I picked up that information doing crossword puzzles. Probably if I didn’t work crosswords while eating my breakfast cereal I would learn more useful information.

  4. Adda Leah Davis Says:

    I don’t understand why I’m writing here since I have so many other writing projects which are on-going. Sometimes I check on something and find myself drawn to a response. In this case, I’m just writing because I want to. I’m tired and far too busy to really get anything done (family matters) so just to defy the “call to duty” I use up valuable minutes that should be used in helping others. Perhaps, this is my breakfast. I’m hungry to have a few minutes to create a new character, a new sensation, a new conflict, or new universe, but a universe would take more than a few minutes.

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