Review Of In Search Of Himself by J. Russell Rose

Review Of In Search Of Himself by J. Russell Rose

Let me first note that I am not a reader of fiction ordinarily, and that I find most criticism of any kind to be, as Rilke noted, either “partisan views or clever quibblings”. J. Russell Rose has written a fine book. In Search Of Himself is the story of new beginnings- of a second chance for a writer to rediscover his Appalachian roots and his own spirit after years of self abuse and madness. Rose paints characters that are engaging and sticks to straight forward story telling (reminiscent of the inspired fiction of Sherwood Anderson).
In Search Of Himself also explores Appalachia as a lost culture. It may be a book best read slowly; much like the old time radio installments of the 1940’s that I remember my Father speaking about listening to in a West Virginia hollow, one should enjoy a chapter or two at a time.

-T. Byron Kelly
Appalachian Authors Guild Member
Author of Project End of Days-Selected Poems
& New Selected Poems

One Response to “Review Of In Search Of Himself by J. Russell Rose”

  1. J Russell Rose Says:

    T Byron, thanks for your comments and review of my book.
    In Search of Himself is something of a personal story to me, eventhough as some readers have concluded, I am not Phil Martin.
    I do share some of Martin’s personal history – absent the substance abuse.
    Thanks again.
    J Russell Rose

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