Appalachian Heritage Writers Symposium

Appalachian Heritage Writers Symposium

Registration is open for the second annual Appalachian Heritage Writers Symposium to be held June 18 and 19 at Southwest Virginia Community College and writing contest entries are now being accepted, according to announcement from the symposium planning committee, which met Tuesday, February 23, at the Appalachian Arts Center.

Produced by SWCC, the Arts Center, and the regional Appalachian Authors Guild and Associates, this year’s event is expected to equal or surpass the debut writer’s conference sponsored by the three entities last June. Some 100 participants are expected from a five-state area.

Peggy Poe Stern, a prolific author from Boone, NC, with 12 novels and two non-fiction books to her credit, will be the keynote speaker and will also present a workshop on fiction writing. Other workshops with noted speakers will cover a wide variety of topics of interest to writers.

 Registration forms are available at to be completed and mailed to Robyn Raines, Appalachian Art Center, Southwest Virginia Community College along with the symposium fee payable to Appalachian Art Center. The fee for the two-day conference, including all food and events, will be $50.00 if postmarked by April 30, 2010 and $60.00 after that date.

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