Sunday Summary

These past few weeks have seen a bit of activity. In politics, the country is divided over health care/health insurance. The space shuttle couldn’t land because of bad weather. Kids are all back in school. And, finally, it seems Michael Jackson will be allowed to Rest in Peace.
Rhythm & Roots Reunion is upcoming – September 18, 19 and 20. Donna Akers, Lightnin’ Charlie, Carol Jackson (at various times) and yours truly, will occupy the tent in front of William King Clothier on State Street. Frank Kerr was supposed to be there with me for the entire event, but due to a back injury he had to cancel. Get well Frank. Come by if you can.
October 3rd, Neva Bryant has arranged a Literary Reading and Food Drive in St. Paul, to benefit people in Russell and Wise counties. Spread the word. October 18th and 19th, Darrell Fleming and I will join several other Guild members (Addie Davis is scheduled) in Big Stone Gap – Mountain Empire Community College.
November is shaping up to be a busy month for authors: In addition to the event (still in planning) at the Bristol Public Library, there are: Mistletoe Market and Coomes Center craft show in Abingdon, and Viking Hall Craft Show (Thanksgiving Weekend) – and no, I still don’t have the application for that.
As the new president of the Appalachian Authors Guild, I hope to see the Guild achieve new prominence during the coming year. This can only happen through the combined efforts of everyone involved. So get involved, stay involved, and encourage others.
There are many talented writers out there who are not active members of the Guild. Please contact at least one or two and encourage them to join and support the Guild.
Regards to everyone. Good Writing. Good Reading. Good Blogging.
Jack (J Russell) Rose
Appalachian Authors Guild & Associates

One Response to “Sunday Summary”

  1. Adda Leah Davis Says:

    Great promotional piece. I think I’ll join. Seriously, I am impressed. I just received a call from Germany and was told that I was seen on television in Bavaria. Now, I’m thinking someone went to my website and I was seen on the internet instead of the television. The caller said it was something to do with the university so it could possibly be a Marshall or Concord university site.
    My latest book is now in the hands of the publisher and I will say that the painting for the cover is beautiful but then all the work of Rhonda Whited is exceptionally good.
    If readers have not read Neva Bryant’s book “St. Peter’s Monsters” they have missed getting acquainted with a very talented Appalachian writer. Her command of language is exceptionally good as is her descriptive style.

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