Saturday – Raceday at BMS

With the onslaught of fans for the races, Bristol is not a place to be if you’re not (a fan) and have other options.  For those of us who live here, you just have to cope, by picking a time when influx is not at its peak and traveling in the opposite direction is best.  Also, don’t ever try crossing Volunteer Parkway without aid of a traffic signal.  Preplan – that’s the key.

The August race is called the Fall race, though I would quibble with that designation.  80+ degrees and high humidity is not my idea of Fall.  The very idea of being out today was not that appealing to me.  I guess it takes a particular type of person to sit in the muggy atmosphere and watch cars traveling in a circle below.

Anyway, here’s to the brave and hardy souls who make the semi-annual pilgrimage to this NASCAR Mecca and grace our fair city with their presence – and their expenditures.  The citizens of Bristol and the great State of Tennessee say thanks and salute you.

NEWS From Appalachian Authors’ Guild – results from the Virginia Highlands Festival are as follows:  Over the two weeks plus one extra weekend, 20 authors participated in the Guild’s Meet the Author program, a grand total of more than 300 books were signed and sold.  Not bad considering the weather and the other issues.

Upcoming author events include – September:  Rhythm & Roots – Bristol, Tazewell County Fair, Burkes Garden;  October – Crafts festival in Big Stone; November – Mistletoe Market and Coomes Center Craft show, Abingdon; Bristol Public Library – Book Fair; Viking Hall (Bristol) Christmas Craft Show.  (If you have other dates or events, please post…)

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