Secrets can destroy families and individuals

 Looking Down on the Moon – By J Russell Rose 

Secrets can destroy families and individuals.  Hidden in the past of Dolores, the main character of Looking Down on the Moon, is a deep dark secret which has affected her life and been responsible for her unhappiness since the day she was born.


Looking Down has been called a love story by some readers.  However, that’s an over simplification, if not dismissal of this multi-generational family saga.  True there are elements of love interwoven in the story – romantic love, yes.  But also there is love of family, and love for fellow man.  Dolores makes her life’s passion and ambition to lessen the suffering of the unfortunate ones, particularly the children (Los pobrecitos) of the migrant workers.


This story takes the reader on a journey beginning prior to World War II in the wealthy upper class neighborhoods of Houston and ending years later in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.  Along the way, you will see the rugged terrain of the stark landscape and smell the ever present peppers and onions used in the delicious foods of the Southwest.


Looking Down on the Moon, a work of some length is one of five completed novels which I have self published ( and have marketed via local book fairs and festivals where the buying public eagerly seek out and snatch up written work by area authors.  I have received high praise from those who have purchased and read Looking Down, as well as my other titles.

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