Rain during the Highlands Festival is usually a given, but this is ridiculous.  The Barter Green is now the Barter Bog.  Fortunately, the staff has scattered straw which helps some.

All in all this has been a rather dismal event, overall.  Vendors have been unhappy since the beginning – first thanks to the quixotic decision by The Martha Washington not to allow any use of their space this year.  So, less space meant cramped conditions and scarce parking – unless you like a good hike, uphill.  Then the rains came.

I feel sorry for the people from out of town who have committed their time and resources to this event.  I think I’d be pulling up stakes right about now and heading home. 

It actually reminds me of the old Charlie Brown cartoon when the “Big” Game gets rained out.  Poor Charles is standing alone in the downpour – ever optimistic saying, “it’s gonna quit…”

Think positive.  It’s gotta quit raining sometime.  Doesn’t it?

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