VA Highlands Festival

Only three more days till the start of the Highlands Festival.  The Appalachian Authors Guild will have space # 9 in one of the large tents upon the hill, above the Barter Green.  Various authors will have books for sale (autographed, of course) and will happily discuss the writing and publishing process with visitors.

So come one, come all the Virginia Highlands Festival in Abingdon, July 25 through August 9.  See you there.

One Response to “VA Highlands Festival”

  1. Rachel Riggsby Says:

    I will have a new book of short stories on the AAG&A table at this year’s Virginia Highlands Festival and will be signing it along with my book, “Miscellanea: From the Sidelines of the Sixties,” this Sunday, July 26th.

    The new book is ZENITHS & ZEPHYRS, Mountain Peaks and Soft Breezes, published by MtnValy Publishing. It is a collection of short stories by different authors and includes my story, “Remnants of Love.”

    Fellow AAG&A members Mary Ann Artrip and Lisa Hall also have stories in ZENITHS & ZEPHYRS.

    i’m pleased to have something new to offer because so many people who came by the Guild table last summer told me they already had “Miscellanea.” It is a collection of my writings, including poetry, short stories, essays and commentary, much of it taken from a newspaper column that I wrote back during the 1960’s. Commentary on news of that era covers many events that have since attained great historical significance. The book also contains many stories and poems that reflect home and family, and nostalgic memories of growing up in the Appalachian mountains.

    I will be signing Sunday along with my good friend Rosalie Null who also has a new book this year.

    Good luck to all the participating authors,
    Rachel Riggsby

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