“Pathfinders, Pioneers, and Patriots”

The story of our history is a fascinating one that grows ever more so as one learns more and more about the people and events that shaped it. Although much has been well documented, much more has been lost and may never be recovered. That is particularly true of the remarkable people
who lived on the Appalachian Frontier during our country’s formative years.

“Pathfinders, Pioneers, & Patriots” is an attempt to gather together some of the fragmented details and stories that have survived and to place them in context with better known historical events – so they can be better understood and appreciated.

The format of this book is different from most in that it presents a general overview of the historical eras, a chronological timeline, and specific stories about many of the fascinating people and events in the timeline. By using
this approach, the reader can better understand what happened and why. They can more easily see how one event influenced and perhaps led to another. And most importantly, because of its focus, they can learn about many of the people that history has largely forgotten; who lived and died on America’s First Frontier during the most precarious time in our nation’s history.

The Author, Danny Dixon, has lived in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwestern Virginia all of his life and is a descendant of several of the historical characters he writes about. He is an educator with over 35 years of experience and presently serves as the Director of the Holton
Governor’s School for Gifted & Talented High School Students. He is an adjunct professor at several area colleges and a frequent presenter at state and regional conferences on historical, educational, and leadership topics.

A personalized copy of the book can be obtained by contacting Danny at 276-479-2325 or echo@mounet.com . Books are also available through Lulu or Amazon and several outlets including: The William King Museum in Abingdon, The Family Drug Store in Lebanon, The Greendale Merchantile, The June Tolliver House in Big Stone Gap, The Crab Orchard Museum and Pioneer Park in Tazewell County, and several other outlets around the region.

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