Sunday summary

It’s the first week of our blog.  So far, only two authors have posted.  Come on group, we can do better than that.

Congratulations to Addie Davis for a successful showing at the Breaks Interstate Park.  Now save some of that salesmanship (or should that be saleswomanship) for the Barter Green.  You know I need a challenge to do my best.  See you on the 27th.

Thanks to Mary Ann for posting and for accepting me as a friend on Facebook.  Hope your day at Johnson City Public Library went well.  By the way I just read the intro to Remember me with Love.  I’m not sure why I hadn’t checked out your writing before.  But, you’re good.  I want a copy.

Random thoughts:  Next Saturday is the occasion of the 45 th year reunion of my graduating class from Richlands High School.  I’m still not sure how I feel about the event.  Some of these folks I haven’t seen in that 45 year interval – will we even recognize each other, perhaps we’ll look like our parents…  Tomorrow is the anniversary of my mother’s passing – 15 years…  The 23rd is my daughters 40th birthday…  Too many things, too many emotions.  I’m old, that’s it.  Isn’t it?  And if all this isn’t enough my muse seems to have left me – I can’t come up with a good ending for a half dozen things I’m working on.  My wonderful wife tells me, “…you can’t just say ‘THE END’, and stop writing…”  I guess that makes sense.

Ok writers.  Now that we have a blog, Blog!!!

Jack (J Russell) Rose

5 Responses to “Sunday summary”

  1. Mary Ann Artrip Says:

    Thanks for the comment about “Remember Me With Love.” I’m actually rather proud of it. “Surrey Square” and “Moonshadows” are also pretty darn good.
    I know what you mean about not turning loose of a piece of writing. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But if we’re not careful we can work a story to death. Sometimes the characters scream, “Enough already,” but we’re not listening close enough to hear them.
    Ah, well, whoever said writing was easy? Plus, it helps to be a little on the fruitcake side~~
    Mary Ann

  2. Bob Mustin Says:

    I added a link to Appalachian Authors on my two blogs (If you want to see ’em, GOOGLE “Gridley Fires” and/or “Wordsmith”).
    Best of luck – blogging is fun and a great sharing experience.

  3. appalachianauthor Says:

    MA, we need to talk about that idea sometime – when you tell people who aren’t writers about the characters having their own voice – or taking on a life of their own, they look at you sort of funny.
    My dear wife once said, “I wouldn’t tell too many people about those voices in your head…”
    One reader demanded of me, “…why did you kill off…” I just looked at her and said, I didn’t kill her off, she backed out in front of a truck. I’m not responsible for what these people do.
    They just don’t understand – do they?

  4. Sylvia Says:

    LOL, Jack! I love it. ‘… just backed out in front of a truck.’

    I thought I wanted to be a writer when very young, and I’d heard voices in my head all along, but didn’t know until I was WELL up into years that it was because I really was a writer.

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