Virginia Highlands festival is coming up, July 25th through August 9, in scenic and historic Abingdon, VA.  More than 20 local writers will be on hand in the Appalachian Authors Guild booth (Space #9) to sign books and talk with the public about writing and publishing.  Come meet the authors or check us out at My website is

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  1. appalachianauthor Says:

    Hey, People~~
    So now we’ve got our own blog–thanks, Jack.
    I’m looking foward to seeing old friends at Barter Green again this year. Seems like that (and funerals) is the only time we get to see some of them. I’ll be there 7-28 and 8-6.
    For those not familiar with Appalachian Authors Guild & Associates, please check out our webstite. We’ve got some good stuff.
    Blessings to all.
    Mary Ann Artrip

  2. appalachianauthor Says:

    Thanks for posting MA. Keep it going AAG&A members…

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